If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.


    If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.


      If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.

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        If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.


         is a unique opportunity designed for all industrial RE players for the latest industry updates and networking in the context of the critical post-Covid industry shift. In an effort to create new opportunities for individual investors, presentations to promote new investment opportunities will be organized alongside the main panels and showcase presentations. This exclusive gathering presents itself as the new standard for live commercial real estate events using the latest in 3D rendering and augmented reality. Topics covered include:


        The most important industry CRE event of the year across Europe

        – An exclusive gathering presenting itself as the new standard for live commercial real estate events, using the latest in 3D rendering and augmented reality
        – An opportunity for all industrial RE players to get the latest industry updates
        – Multiple panels and presentations on the hottest segment of CRE
        – Best practices in the industry and new proptech revealed
        – New opportunities for individual investors
        – The latest on dark kitchens/stores as well as vertical farms
        – Industry-wide networking

        Who’s attending:
        E-commerce Established Players, Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firms, Investment Funds,
        Equity and Debt Providers,Individual Investors, Industry Startups, Family Offices,
        Developers, Designers, Builders, Logistics Companies, Asset Managers, Proptech Providers

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        Welcome Speech and The State of the Market

        Format: Opening words + Panel Discussion
        Topics: The most coveted asset class / What’s the latest / Tease on the best future urban markets

        8:30 – 9:15

        Searching for Performance in Industrial CRE

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: Comparing notes on current strong urban markets / What do investors want now

        9:15 - 10:00

        Networking/Coffee Break

        10:00 – 10:15

        Urban Logistics CRE/Last Mile in 2023

        Format: Panel Discussion/ Media Presentation
        Topics: Sourcing land in urban settings for ever larger centres / Anatomy of an urban logistics centre / Current projects under construction / Construction Tech / Stacked centres / Massing of centres along transportation corridors and
        how it affects local populations

        10:15 – 11:15

        Presentation to be Announced

        Open Presentation Slot TBD – Property Management TBD

        11:15 - 11:45

        Lunch Break

        11:45 - 13:00

        Logistics Workforce

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: Automation / Staffing / Workforce Shortage / Shifts and Trends of Resources

        13:00 - 13:45

        E-Commerce Update – The Tenant’s Perspective

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: Omnichannels / Tech / Latest figures vs. brick and mortar across Europe

        13:45 - 14:30

        Retail Presentation to be Announced

        Open Presentation Slot | Short Retail Presentation

        14:30 - 15:00

        Self-storage Update

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: The latest trends and figures / The strong markets across Europe and the continued expansion / What is built and where / What do consumers need

        15:00 - 15:45

        Networking/Coffee break

        15:45 - 17:00

        Logistics Update

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: Supply chain disruption / Global Trade / How’s Europe affected

        8:30 - 9:15

        Data Centres Update

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: The latest trends and figures / Data centres a hot commodity, particularly in Europe

        9:15 - 10:00

        Networking/Coffee Break

        10:00 - 10:15

        Industrial/Light Manufacturing

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: The latest trends and figures / Built-to-suit / What do tenants need / What is built and where

        10:15 - 11:00

        Logistics Proptech

        Format: Panel Discussion / Media Presentation
        Topics: Latest Trends / Robotics / Apps

        11:00 - 11:45

        Lunch Break

        11:45 - 13:00

        Dark Stores Europe/ Dark Kitchen Concept

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: The latest trends and figures / delivery services change the game / What do consumers need / What is built and where and how this ties in with last-mile trends / Where do you find real estate in urban settings/ A lifeline to the small restaurant owner / Neighbourhood relationship and legal considerations / Scale up in larger facility or multiply locations near the consumer

        13:00 - 14:00

        Crowdfunding, Blockchain and Tokenization in the Industrial Segment

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: The ideal play for individual investors / Crowdfunding looking beyond fixing apartments / The tech behind it / What are the opportunities / What do investors want

        14:00 - 14:45

        Out-of-town Retail/Big Box Stores

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: The latest trends and figures / Convenience and the continued march towards suburbia / Retail parks a hot commodity

        14:45 - 15:30

        Special Feature: Vertical Farms

        Topics: Introduction to the business model / How does it compete with traditional farming / Benefits and downsides of the model / Anatomy of a vertical farm / The technology behind it / What is built and where / What do consumer want / The social implications

        15:30 - 16:15

        Closing Presentation – Looking forward to 2023

        Format: Panel Discussion
        Topics: The hottest upcoming urban markets / Changing investor’s strategies

        16:15 - 17:00

        Sponsored Farewell Get Together/Networking

        17:00 - 18:00


        Julien Scarpa (CBRE)

        As an urbanist by training, Julien has joined CBRE Switzerland in 2018 where he is leading and developing Research and Consulting services across the Romandie region, including market studies and research pieces on the industrial & logistics topic. With his consulting mandates he assists various Swiss and foreign institutional and private real estate players as well as public authorities by providing them market analysis and strategic recommendations for the positioning of their real estate assets. Previously he worked as a Research analyst at DWS in London to support pan-European real estate funds in their investment strategies, after starting is career covering real estate market research in France and in Europe.
        View Linkedin

        Ville Edvard Stenroos

        CEO & Main Owner – Cityvarasto Oyj (Self Storage)

        View Linkedin

        Kevin Mofid

        Kevin is a Director in the Savills Research covering all aspects of commercial occupational and investment markets but with a specific focus on industrial and logistics markets. Kevin co-ordinates market data collection across the UK ands the periodical Big Shed Briefing reports.He specialises in topic and trend based research by applying “real life” issues to logistics and industrial property. Key examples being a landmark study into the real estate implications of the growing waste management and recycling industry and the landmark Warehouse of the Future Report.Kevin regularly presents at industry events and has appeared at The Estates Gazette European Distribution Summit, the Retail Week Supply Chain Summit, Warehousing Futures and other events for the IPF, IPD and the CPD Foundation Kevin is a member of Industrial Agents Society, CILT, IPF and Past Chair of the Society of Property Researchers.

        Hussein Kanji

        Early stage venture capitalist, investing in seed and pre-seed European tech companies. Proud and humbled to be nicknamed “the least dumdum investor” by my favorite founder.

        View Linkedin

        Mihai Berbece

        Mihai is a knowledgeable senior consultant with 7 years of experience in the industrial and logistic transactions. He joined Avison Young in 2018 and focused his efforts on delivering well-structured solutions. Having a long-term vision, he’s able to gain a deep appreciation of his client’s business, goals and needs and offers valuable input that simplifies their decisions. Father of two sons, Mihai is accustomed to prioritizing and allocating resources. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, camping, and mountain biking.

        Jan van den Hogen

        Mr. van den Hogen is an inspiring senior real estate professional with a strong affinity towards investment in real estate, specifically logistics and light industrial real property. Mr. van den Hogen is a convinced knowledge sharer, and does so in various networks and communities worldwide. This includes several guest lectures at a variety of universities in Europe, were knowledge, professional aptitude, market insights and managerial expertise are shared with young professionals and high potentials. He is the author of several textbooks in the field of real estate economics and brokerage, and the inspiration and instigator of the REE programme (Real Estate Economics) in the Netherlands. His professional network ranges from facilities-, property-, asset- and portfolio managers to political decision makers, CEO’s of private, public and institutional real estate investment companies, agents of worldwide represented companies, and global operating location and expansion managers from all kind of real estate branches.

        Florin Oprea

        Industrious person with a head for numbers and a flair for business and people development. Solid background of 15+ years in financial markets and the investments sector, with former positions in banks, stock and derivatives exchanges, fintech and financial markets advisory as well as real estate investments and sales. Head of Industrial for 3 years at major real estate developer, worked with hundreds of clients in Central, Western and Southern Romania.

        Marvin Mornhinweg

        Senior Growth & Operations Associate with over 3 years of successful experience in growth and operations management. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success. Strengths in team management procedures positively impacting overall morale and productivity backed by Master in Management.

        View bio

        Mickey Scott

        Mickey is an asset manager within Hines’ Industrial & Logistics team, a post he has held since joining the firm in 2020. Mickey is responsible for the whole-life management of Hines’ growing portfolio of logistics assets, both within its joint venture portfolios with Chancerygate and Clowes, and those managed on behalf of the firm’s discretionary funds. An experienced logistics specialist, Mickey joined Hines from Tesco where he spent over five years focused on property funding and asset management within the logistics, retail and office sectors. He holds a master’s degree in Real Estate from the University College of Estate Management and is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

        Bruno Berretta

        I have nearly 15-year experience in property research, working for global real estate services companies. During my career I have focussed primarily on office and industrial occupier research and gained a sound understanding of direct real estate investment. More recently, I have specialised in the European and UK logistics markets, where I have established a substantial track record of thought leadership pieces. I have equally learned to leverage data science and BI tools/techniques to tidy-up, manipulate and analyse large volumes of data and turn it into compelling visual insights. I have experience leading/coordinating pan-EMEA and global research projects, presenting research findings to internal/external audiences and undertaking bespoke consulting/advisory work for global occupiers. I have lived/studied/worked in four different countries and speak three languages.

        Joshua Weinstein

        Having worked in multiple jurisdictions and on all sides of the proverbial table, my speciality lies in structuring efficient capital stacks and facilitating favourable risk-adjusted returns for all categories of real estate investors and risk appetites.

        Alessio Lopiccolo, MRICS

        Experienced professional with proven track record in real estate investment and portfolio management, both in direct and indirect property. Product sourcing, underwriting and deal execution. Asset management ranging from income optimisation and refurbishments to developments and change of use. Strong interpersonal skills, capable of engaging directly and independently with senior management as well as of interacting confidently in client facing scenarios.

        View bio

        Stephen Palmer

        Widely experienced strategist and real estate investment manager with a successful track record of investing in direct real estate in UK, France and the Netherlands, indirect funds in UK and continental Europe, and UK REITs. Currently managing all UK indirect investments held by clients of DTZ Investors.

        View bio

        Christopher Cooper

        I spent a large part of the 1980s working on building sites, getting into the sector from the ground up. This fuelled a passion for adding value to real estate, particularly through development. I’ve been very fortunate to move around the industry to gain a broad insight of the drivers in our markets. I spent the late 1990’s on secondment with our Global Chief Executive; the early 2000’s living in France as our early European operations were established. Today, I lead a team that advises clients on $12 billion of real estate investments globally. I joined DTZ Investors, a real estate fund management business, in 1992 at what turned out to be a pivotal time. In the depths of a heavy recession, DTZI was in the process of re-inventing its approach to investing, tailoring strategy to the needs of occupiers. It’s a highly coherent approach. Income is generally 80%+ of the total return from real estate over the long-term, and the occupier is the source of recurring income. To this day, our focus remains on allocating capital to dynamic, sustainable urban locations that support a diversified occupier demand; identifying mixed-use, multi-let assets that are flexible to adapt to occupiers’ changing needs; and managing assets in partnership with our occupiers to ensure they remain with us over the long-term. Thirty years later, we have a strategy that remains just as relevant, evidenced by long-term top quartile performance for the House, and individual funds that are regularly recognised for best-in-class performance awards by MSCI. I believe that successful real estate will become more operational in future. The level of service one finds in good hotels, for example, will quickly set the standard for high-performing retail, office, industrial and residential property.

        View bio

        Benita Schneider

        Head of Real Estate Asset Management, Europe bei DWS Real Estate GmbH

        View bio

        Ulrich von Creytz

        Head Real Estate Specialists at DWS

        View bio



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